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| September 3, 2010 | 5 Comments
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  1. T. Knight says:

    I read the reviews for the previous version of this software which were quite mixed. So I decided to have a look on their website and found I could download a free 30-Day evaluation copy which I have done. Unfortunately, after downloading the 80MB+ file and installing, it searched for an update and downloaded another 66MB! So, it’s good that they’re updating the software, but a shame that they don’t put the most up to date version on the download link.

    I exported my MSMoney data (about 10MB) and imported it into Home Accountz without any difficulty. There were a number of comments in reviews of the previous version about how long winded this process is, but I think that’s people with unrealistic ideas on data migration. Just follow the instructions, tidy up any errors and Bob’s your Uncle!

    The way in which the data is displayed was also a criticism from other reviewers. It is different from MSMoney but it would just take a little while to get used to it. Home Accountz seems to do everything that MSMoney does, just in a different way.

    Although I like MSMoney, it’s no longer available and it’s no longer supported, so I need to migrate to something else. Home Accountz seems to only have been out for a few weeks, replacing the older Personal Accountz, and I was very impressed with the functionality so far and the on-line forums where I searched for a few features that I couldn’t find. It’s really good to find a UK Company filling this gap in the market.

    Missing features (or at least I couldn’t find them) include: Password protection for the file; importing of data downloaded from the bank (transactions and statement reconciliation); and archiving of old/redundant data. Most of these are already promised as upgrades, so I will definitely buy and migrate to Home Accountz when it is a little more mature, probably in a few months time. I have been searching for a couple of years for an acceptable replacement for MSMoney and am very relieved to have found one!
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. Ever since Quicken decided to quit the UK I’ve been searching for a “simple”, no, uncomplicated method of keeping my home monies in order. Home Accountz does this with ease and, at the outset, my 71 year old mind could fathom some aspects. A simple phone call put it right. They’re nice people.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. Mick says:

    I happened across the reviews here when looking for something else on Amazon and decided to read them purely out of interest. I’ve used this software’s predecessor Personal Accountz for many years and because of the companies track record, jumped in and started with a very early copy of Home Accountz. I’m amazed to read the negative reviews – it’s almost as if they’re talking about a different package!

    Checking out their user forum, the reviewer here who had trouble importing from Personal Accountz is not alone – but I didn’t. I followed their instructions and it worked perfectly. Not sure what’s special about my setup to make it work as expected and I’m certainly no genius! An ugly GUI is personal opinion but it looks absolutely fine to me! And as for ease of use, I’m not sure how to make it easier. When I buy groceries i enter a transaction as being FROM current account TO groceries. To me that’s logical and easy. There’s even a place to enter a payee so if you want to differentiate between money spent on groceries at Sainsbury or Tesco, you can do that too. The workings follow standard accounting procedures but unless you’re used to accounting, you wouldn’t know that. The layout of data makes it easy to follow – at least, I think it does hence my confusion that some criticise its ease of use.

    Most importantly, the support from Accountz is probably the best I’ve come across. OK, the program on launch had a few minor glitches – what program doesn’t – but for me they were just that, minor glitches. Accountz have released several updates in response to users not only finding these glitches but making suggestions that “such and such would be a nice feature” so the software is evolving almost daily. If you have a problem you’ll likely get a quick resolution from the user forum or from contacting Accountz.

    Would I suggest you buy this? Certainly. Is it perfect? Not till next Friday ;-)
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. lubbylu says:

    Many years ago I was a single parent struggling financially. After my divorce I lived in little more than a bedsit with my children after my ex husbands gambling took all our money. A friend gave me an old computer and a few free programs from magazines with included an older version of accountz and so began the turn round of my finances. This new program as with every other version is so simple to use. I have never seen such a simpler accounting program. It consistently wins awards for being the best accounts program on the market.

    Everyone in our family uses Accountz. My 8 year old grandson to my 86 year old father. All with no problems at all. My father is an accountant and learnt to use a computer because he was so impressed with this program. I have never had any problems with any of the previous versions and never think they can be bettered but this one beats the lot. My father was not very sure when he first installed it – an age thing. He spoke to accountz and he was very impressed with their support.

    My children have their own successful businesses and I own my house outright. If everyone had this program and could see were their money goes in literally a few minutes a day debt would be a thing of the past. Very serious about that comment. I give these programs out, at least 10 as presents, and everyone loves them. Sometimes the simplicity of the program is not believed and I often hear “is that it?”

    I retired some a few years ago and now work for a charity advising on debt. I wish I could advise my clients to use this program but unfortunately I’m not allowed endorse it but I would urge the reader of this comment to get this program. Seeing exactly where your money goes at a glance enables you to close those “black holes” identifying who is charging the highest interest and prioritising debts. Now I have savings.

    Everyone should keep a close eye on their money. After all its hard enough to earn it why throw it away? The program only costs only a few pounds and I can promise you if I you want to keep track of your money, if you have debt, or want to save up for something special this is for you.

    Mr Cameron take note…………….

    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Tim Denyer says:

    I bought this brand new package to enable me to forward plan my money, the Automated transactions enable me to do just that, ie I have monthly,28 days and annual payments and I need to know when they are comming up. I am useless at software so I took a gamble on this new software which has paid off. I rang accountz with a couple of queries which were handled immediatley. being new software, as expected, I have received a fair number of upgrades. I would recommend this package and would add, if I can handle this, anyone can.

    Tim Denyer
    Rating: 4 / 5

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