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Google steals Christmas, leaves December out of Android 4.2 OS app

| November 18, 2012 | 0 Comments

Google steals Christmas, leaves December out of Android 4.2 OS app

There’s probably quite a few Android users who wouldn’t mind skipping December completely. It’s cold, it’s expensive and requires folks to deal with less desirable elements of their families.

Perhaps that thought was dwelling in Google’s subconscious when it accidentally left the final month of the year out of the People app within the new Android Jelly Bean 4.2 operating system?

Jelly Bean 4.2 users who attempt to use the People app’s ‘date picker’ to add a friend’s birthday will scroll down the list to see November and then… January.

This means pals of Jesus, Britney Spears, Ozzie Osbourne, Brad Pitt and Jude Law are bang out of luck.

Calendar unaffected

The bug is, apparently, self-contained within the People app, which means the Google Calendar is unaffected.

Google is "reviewing" the issue, but has yet to comment. Expect a quick fix to be posted soon.

The company began rolling out Android 4.2 Jelly Bean to devices like the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 tablet this week, while it will arrive out of the box for those who’ve ordered a Nexus 4 or Nexus 10 device.

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