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Initial iPad 4 pre-order supply runs dry

| November 1, 2012 | 0 Comments

Initial iPad 4 pre-order supply runs dry

The frenzy over Apple products doesn’t seem to be slowing anytime soon as it appears Apple has sold out of its initial pre-order stock of the iPad 4.

Despite surveys relating consumer outrage at the announcement of a new tablet so soon after the iPad 3 was released, pre-release sales of the iPad 4 indicate customers are just as hungry for the new tech as they were the last time around.

It only took four days for the iPad 4 launch stock to sell out, meaning those who lagged will have to wait beyond this week to receive their new iPad if they ordered online.

Based on the iPad 4 sales page on Apple’s website, a second wave won’t be available to ship for at least one more week. In-store supplies should hold steady (at least to start) for the tablet’s debut Nov. 2.

Can’t stop, won’t stop

The iPad 4 is just the latest iOS device Apple has had trouble keeping in stock in time for its debut.

The iPhone 5 sold out in about an hour, prompting shipping delays for subsequent orders to last multiple weeks.

Similarly, the white and silver iPad Mini stock sold out in just under half that time, leaving many potential customers the choice of either the black model or a multi-week wait.

During its Oct. 23 event, Apple touted that 100 million iPads had already been sold, and that the iPad accounts for 91 percent of all tablet web traffic.

The iPad 4 was recently discovered to be twice as powerful as its predecessor, making it an even more attractive option for new and upgrading customers.

Microsoft finally attempted to curtail some of Apple’s dominance in the tablet market with the launch of its Surface tablet, and Google’s Nexus 10 should provide even more competition down the road.

For now though, consumers seemingly can’t get enough of what Apple’s selling, both figuratively and literally.

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