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Microsoft offering Windows Phone 8 SDK Preview to devs

| September 12, 2012 | 0 Comments

Microsoft offering Windows Phone 8 SDK Preview to devs

Microsoft today opened sign-ups for a preview version of the Windows Phone 8 SDK to enable developers to begin working on apps for the platform.

The Windows Phone 8 SDK Preview will be available to a limited amount of existing developers, who have until September 17 to register their interest.

But why is Microsoft only releasing a preview version to current devs rather than the public version?

Well, it’s because all of the Windows Phone 8 features have not yet been announced and it wants to maintain the element of surprise in the build up to the launch of the first wave of devices.

Generating excitement

The company says: "I know that many of you want to know why we simply don’t publically release the full SDK now. The reason is that not all Windows Phone 8 features have been announced and our SDK includes comprehensive emulators that allow developers to test apps against a wide range of Windows Phone features.

"We recognize that this is a different approach to delivering tools than we’ve taken in the past. Our goal is to generate as much Windows Phone 8 excitement as possible to attract new customers when phones go on sale. This is one of many steps we’re taking to help give you what you (and we) want most."

In other news, the company has now confirmed that the Windows Phone Marketplace will be renamed the Windows Phone 8 Store, when the new OS arrives before the turn of the year.

The launch of the SDK comes just 24 hours after reports that Microsoft was rushing to complete Windows Phone 8 before the expected launch this autumn.

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