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RIM: No BlackBerry 10 handset announcements this year

| September 28, 2012 | 0 Comments

RIM: No BlackBerry 10 handset announcements this year

BlackBerry loyalists eager to get a sneak peak at the new BB10 handsets will have to wait until 2013.

Frank Boulben, RIM’s chief marketing officer, told CNET that the company will resist the temptation to parade the new smartphones until closer to the on sale date, expected in the first two months of next year.

RIM has already confirmed that it will launch two BlackBerry 10 devices initially, one will be a full touchscreen offering, while the second will be a BlackBerry Bold-alike with a physical QWERTY keyboard.

The company will be hoping that the ploy, which is somewhat uncharacteristic, will help to built Apple and Samsung-esque excitement for BB10′s all important debut handsets.

More features to be unveiled

However, Boulben said RIM will lift the lid on more of the BlackBerry 10 software’s capabilities in the meantime, even though the final devices will remain under lock and key.

Developers are currently able to test apps and acquaint themselves with BB10 using the Dev Alpha device, which was updated this week to the Dev Alpha B.

The news comes following another tough day at the offices in Waterloo, Ontario. Even though it managed to beat Wall Street’s expectations, RIM still announced a loss of $235 million ($145m) on Thursday.

The launch of BlackBerry 10 represents perhaps the company’s last chance to mount a comeback and reestablish itself among the smartphone elite. With that in mind, it comes as little surprise that the course is being plotted very, very carefully indeed.

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