Windows Phone 8 Rooms feature revealed in SDK

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Windows Phone 8 Rooms feature revealed in SDK

Developers have uncovered more evidence of the as-yet-unannounced Rooms tool within the forthcoming Windows Phone 8 OS.

Some digging around the newly-available Windows Phone 8 SDK has revealed the new sharing and collaboration feature sitting within the People Hub.

Judging from the grabs, obtained using the Windows Phone 8 emulator, Rooms would allow for shared calendars, the sharing of photos and the chance for members of the group to leave notes for each other.

The screenshots, posted on the WinUnleaked Forums, show the example of a ‘Family Room’, so it’s likely that customisable Work and Friends Rooms will also feature within the OS when it arrives later this year.

No iOS / Android equivalent

It seems that Rooms, first rumoured back in July, will complement rather than replace the existing Groups feature within Windows Phone.

The Groups feature allows users to collate different segments of the contacts book for easy access, but those groups are only useful to the phone’s owner.

Rooms looks like it’ll bring a more interactive element, which currently has no baked-in equivalent within Android or iOS.

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